Salsa and Latin Dancing Lessons

shutterstock_salsacouple 2Salsa Dancing

Convergence Dance and Body Center provides salsa and latin dance lessons and workshops to the St. Louis, Missouri area. Offering lessons to individuals of all ability levels, we pride ourselves on the wide variety of dance classes available.  We offer and eight week club Salsa I class, Club Salsa II and Advanced Salsa Rueda.

Club Salsa I covers how to be clear in your lead or follow and develops your balance and control.  Understanding how the music is structured and how to dance musically takes time but we will   give you the tools to get it started.
The steplist for the Salsa I is as follows: the basic, combs, right turns, cumbia, cross body leads, passes left and spins in the cross body lead.

Club Salsa II works more on body style, arm  styling and dynamics to create more snap in your combinations.  The class will develop more complex figures with less lag between steps.  We also start teaching dips and some small tricks in this class.  This class is fast, fun and furious!

Advanced Salsa Rueda is a Cuban style salsa danced in a circle that is called much like square dancing.  It is a lot of fun and great almost nonstop exercise.  The calls come fast and the circle of dancers move as a unit.  It is interesting to watch but even more fun to dance!

While we specialize in fast-paced dance classes that energize and exercise the body, we also offer casual classes like Ballroom, yoga, and belly dancing. These classes are perfect for anyone looking for a more laid-back class.  We tailor classes like Salsa, Tango, and Latin dance toward those who want to burn calories and have fun. These classes allow dancers to free their inhibitions and enjoy the rhythm of their bodies.

Call today to schedule your first salsa lessons, and don’t forget to ask about our student discount program.