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Current Salsa / Latin Dance Classes

Our Salsa and Latin dance classes are fun, informative and a great way to keep moving while having fun!  We have new sessions that begin with regularity and we will be expanding our program in the winter to include some ladies styling classes as well as new, higher level classes.  The teachers are fun and funny and will make the learning experience relaxed and stress free.  You do not need a partner as we rotate partners in class (Although, attention couples: we completely respect date night so if you do not want to dance with anyone but each other we get it!) and we frequently take a couple of class field trips to the salsa clubs together.  So what are you waiting for?   Just bring your sense of humor and adventure and come on out and dance with us!!!!

*If you are a full time student, 26 or younger you can get a 40% student discount code by calling 314-324-0887 to register. 20% discounts are available for full-time Grad Students. Please bring your drivers license and student ID to the first class.


Mixed Latin – Bachata, Merengue & Cha Cha

August 3rd - 23rd

(All levels - Beginners Welcome)

Thursdays at 6:00 pm for 4 weeks

When you go to a salsa club, they will play several different genres of latin music. While it is primarily salsa, they will also play Cumbia, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, and Reggaeton. This class will work on developing your ability to recognize what type of song is being played and give you the skills so you know what to do. There is nothing worse than confidently asking someone to dance and then going out and doing the wrong dance (or being asked to dance and feeling silly when you don't know the dance).

Robert will take you through the basics of all the auxillary dances that you learn when you decide to make salsa a hobby (they are really easy!) and get ready for wherever you decide to go out dancing. See you soon!

Instructor(s): Robert McKenney & Roxanne Maier

Price: $60.00

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Club Salsa 1

October 5 - Nov 30


(all levels - beginners welcome)

Description: Salsa with style for the newly interested! This Salsa class covers all the basics in a fun and friendly environment where you will learn how its done while laughing along the way!  This class covers the following: basics forward and back, right turns, combs, passes to the right, cross body leads, stop and go turns, and Cumbia basics.

When: Thursdays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm / 8 weeks
Instructors: Robert McKenney and Anna Bahn
Where: Convergence Dance & Body Center (location information)

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This 8 week salsa class is sure to get you dancing and having fun in no time flat! It will run from October 11th to December 6th (no class Thanksgiving day) and we will have you ready to dance right through the holidays without having to worry about working off all those delicious holiday goodies! You do not need a partner. Just your sense of humor and adventure!

Price: $120.00

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Club Salsa 2

October 5 - Nov 30

(for level 2 Salsa students)


Description: These classes are the next step on your tour of the Salsa world! We work on basic and more advanced spins while taking the fundamentals and making them seem more complex.  Not to worry, salsa 1 will have prepared you for these new twists an turns! This will make your salsa jump to an entirely new level and is tons of fun.

When: Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm /8 weeks
Instructors: Robert McKenney & Anna Bahn
Where: Convergence Dance & Body Center (location information)

Price: $120.00

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* Note: If you miss a class we invite you to make it up in another salsa class if one is available within the month(s) you are registered. If there are no other equivalent or lower level salsa classes being offered at the time then there will be no make-ups offered. There are no refunds or credits given after the first day of class.