2014 Buenos Aires Tour

The 2014 tour was a huge Success!!!!


Every year we take students on a ten day cultural immersion/ tango intensive in Buenos Aires. Below are photos (and general tour information) from some of the events that we normally have. Details will be coming for the 2015 tour and feel free to e-mail (roxanne.ConvergenceDBC@gmail.com) or call 314-324-0887 with any more questions. We plan on releasing the dates for the 2015 tour within the month of April. Enjoy the photos and we look forward to hearing from you!


~The tour includes 9 group classes and two practices (typically an hour to an hour and a half).

~ The classes will take place at either a single studio location or a variety of locations with our own dance assistants that are either teachers in training or advanced dancers (mostly Argentine) that are familiar with the material.  You will rotate with the assistants in class.

~ There will be a mix of classes with the older Milonguero style teachers, Salon style teachers, and/or Nuevo style to give students multiple perspectives.

~ One class will be given by the assistants in a fun and story telling way.   Most of the teachers speak English well or at the least passably so.  In the event that the teachers are not fluent English speakers, we will have their classes translated. So, you will be free to ask questions without fear of not being understood!

~ Our dance assistants will be joining us for three of the milongas to help aclimate you to the social dance floors of Buenos Aires.  They will join us for two hours at the milongas.  They may or may not be the assistants from class.

~The tour also includes housing in 3 to 4 bedroom apartments / houses and the cost is included on a double occupancy basis.  If two of you feel you would be good roommates let me know and I will put you together.  If you would prefer to have a single room the cost of the tour will be higher.  If you commit to the tour after I have booked the apartments your housing fee will be higher.  You may also book a hotel if you prefer and we will discount the tour.  You do however need to make this decision before Roxanne books the apartments.  See Roxanne about the price changes.  The apartments will be relatively close together in the same neighborhood.

~ We even have a house party with all of the assistants at the end of the tour. In 2014 we had an authentic parilla (see photos below), dancing (from folklore to FUNK), an appearance by Elvis, and a night that nobody will forget!

~ Our driver will handle your transportation to and from the airport if you arrive the morning of the 7th and leave the evening of the 16th.

We look forward to seeing you on the trip!