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Argentine Tango Dance
Come dance at Convergence!

A ‘Milonga’ is the traditional name for an  Argentine Tango Dance where people go to dance an evening of Tango. This is not to be confused with the dance form (also called milonga). We regularly play Salsa and Swing for ‘cortinas’ (the song between groupings of tangos) and if we get a group of people that want to dance the entire Swing/Salsa we are more than happy to play it all. All of our DJ’s take requests!

The Second Saturday of the Month : Tango Lounge

Tango Lounge is a casual but classy dance where we listen and dance to great music til late in the night (9pm til 1am).  We stay fortified with a small buffet of fruit and cheese as well as espresso and sweets at 11pm.  The event is BYOB so feel free to bring your favorite beverage.  Cover: $10pp