How Important is Your First Dance as Man and Wife?

One of the most treasured traditions of a wedding is the couple’s first dance as man and wife. Brides and grooms spend many hours choosing the perfect song that reflects their unique relationship. The song chosen is always remembered and cherished by the couple and their guests. This is why the couple’s first dance together… Continue Reading

Why You Should Dance on Valentine’s Day

Every year it comes around and we frequently struggle to come up with something new to do or try that lets our Sweetheart know that what we feel for them is special.  Dancing is romantic, intimate and interesting and is a wonderful Valentine date. Dancing together is the ultimate public display of affection and women love… Continue Reading

Chiropractics Expansion and website updates!

There are exciting events happening at Convergence Dance and Body Center. One of our owners Dr J C Maier is opening a practice on the third floor of the very same building! Convergence Chiropractics Center will soon be taking new clients and we look forward to your company and support on the dance floor and… Continue Reading