Buenos Aires Tour

The Annual Convergence Buenos Aires Tango Tour


Every year Convergence Dance and Body Center takes students on a tour that is focused on developing their tango and immersing themselves in Argentine culture.

We organize housing, classes, and events to give you the best experience you could have with the freedom to go to the art museums, city tours, or just walk around and explore the city on your own. Our tour has the perfect balance of organized classes and free-time so you can go and explore your favorite parts of big cities (shopping, museums, food, etc…).

Our 2017 Tour information is coming soon!

Below is a list of the things each tour includes:

~Each tour includes 9 group classes and 2 practices (typically an hour to an hour and a half). There will be a mix of classes with the older Milonguero Style teachers, Tango Salon and Nuevo Style to give students multiple tango perspectives.  One class will be given by the assistants to fill informational gaps where they feel it is needed.   Most of the teachers speak English well enough for us not to need translators.  In the event the teachers are not fluent enough to communicate their ideas, we will have their classes translated.  You should feel free to ask questions without fear of being misunderstood!  The classes will take place at a single studio location with our own dance assistants that are either teachers or advanced very dancers (mostly Argentine) that are familiar with the material and are accustomed to assisting students through the process.  You will rotate with the assistants in class.

~ Our dance assistants will be joining us for three of the milongas to help acclimate you to the social dance floors of Buenos Aires. They will join us for two hours at the milongas. The dance assistants may or may not be the assistants from class but have always been a delightful surprise as they are recommended by the staff!

~The tours include housing in 3 to 4 bedroom apartments / houses and the cost is inluded in your package on a double occupancy basis. If two participants feel they would be good roommates let us know, and we will put you together.  If you would prefer to have a single room the cost of the tour will be higher and perhaps we will need to find accommodations close to the main house.  If you commit to the tour after we have booked the apartments your housing fee will be higher.  You may also book a hotel if you prefer and we will discount the tour accordingly.   Whatever you decide, you do need to make this decision before Roxanne books the accommodations.  See Roxanne about the price changes.  If you are not staying in the main house the apartments will be within 10 blocks of one another in the same neighborhood.

~ Our driver will handle your transportation to and from the airport if you arrive the morning of March 6th / 27th and leave the evening of the March 15th / April 5th. The bus pick up window at the airport the day of arrival is between 9am-11am. The bus leaves for the airport on the day of departure at 5pm (which will be enough time for a 9pm or later flight). There is only one bus to and from the airport for each tour.

~We will take a trip to the shoe stores (on a specific day) where we will assist you in any way that we can to get exactly what you want.



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