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Convergence Dance and Body Center’s staff has been teaching Ballroom Dance Lessons in the St Louis area for over thirty years. Whether it’s helping people learn good social ballroom so they can go out dancing or helping to develop competition dancers and advanced techniques, our staff can help you realize your ballroom goals.

Why learn Ballroom dance lessons? Learning Ballroom dance allows you explore several different dance forms with extremely similar techniques. With similar foot patterns and techniques, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn several dances and how the technique from Waltz helps Foxtrot and vice versa. Many of our students take private dance lessons in addition to coming to our monthly dance party. The more you dance, the better you get at it. Practicing, taking lessons, and going out dancing for fun are all great ways for you to get improve your dancing quickly!

Call us for more information about our ballroom dance lessons today. We can’t wait to help you realize your goals, or even help expand them!

Whether you are looking to become a top ranked ballroom competitor or just wish to dip your toes in the social dancing waters, come and see what we have to offer! Check out our ballroom dance lessons and wedding dance classes below.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

*If you are a full time student, 26 or younger you can get a 40% student discount code by calling 314-324-0887 to register.  Please bring your drivers license and student ID to the first class.

The history of ballroom dancing is rich with stories of how dances were developed as well as amazing music, elegant attire, beautiful dresses and amazing ballroom dancing venues.  From Speakeasy’s to the Savoy Ballroom, there is always a sense of excitement and elegance connected to ballroom dancing. Exploring the world of ballroom dancing is wonderful and exciting. It’s fun to challenge yourself to learn something new and interesting with others who share the same curiosity.  Come and experience the fun to be had dancing Foxtrot and Swing or the beauty of the Slow Waltz.  There are also the Latin dances of Salsa, Cha Cha and Rhumba that will get you dancing to the more rhythmic music The dances are also more flexible than you might think in the types of music they can be danced to, It is very possible that your favorite song is a Rhumba or Swing!

Whether you are looking to become a top ranked ballroom competitor or just wish to dip your toes in the social dancing waters, come and see what we have to offer!

Ballroom Dance Classes

About our lessons:  both private lessons and group classes are offered at our studio.  We usually recommend a combination of both private and group lessons to become a well-rounded social dancer, whereas we would recommend more private lessons in a dance program designed to prepare you for the competitive arena.  You may choose to bring your partner for date night (no partner rotation required) or you can come as a single to a class where we do rotate.  Of course if you wish to take private lessons and do not have partner, your instructor will be happy to partner you!

Swing FUNdamentals

March 2nd to April 6th 

Description: Ready for some fun?  Come learn some basic swing in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  This class will teach you solid basics and easy to understand principles to prepare you for most social dance occasions or to help you prepare for a more specialized form of swing. We will explore some of the popular styles of swing so you can choose the music and moves you like best.  It is all about individual expression and improvisation but you have to start with the basics, right?

These classes will focus on the fundamentals of partner dancing and begin with easy 6 and 8 count patterns to get you dancing and having fun right away.  The best part???? No partner required

When: Mondays from 7:00pm - 7:55pm

Price: $101.00

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Gift Certificate (Body & Dance)

Gift Certificates can be used for private lesson, group classes, or any other service that Convergence does.

*You can get a Gift Certificate for less or more money by calling the studio (314) 324-0887

We can also mail you a physical copy to give to whomever by also calling the studio.

Gift Certificates expire after 1 year and are non-refundable.

*Please give the reciept to the recipent or call the studio for an authorized copy we will mail to you

Price: $100.00

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Leap Day Showcase

Showcase Extravaganza February 29th
Join us for an evening of entertainment. See what your friends and family have danced towards - a fusion of student and staff performances, social dance breaks and complimentary refreshments included.  An hour dance social tops off the evening with everyone dancing!

Performances Start 7:00
Tickets $20 online in advance & $25 cash at the door
Seating is limited, standing room available

Or call for your tickets today!

Price: $20.00

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Intro to Ballroom

March 17th to April 21st


Description: No matter what reason you are learning for, this is the class for you! We do a sampling of 3 dances over 6 weeks.  These dances should get you smoothly through any social dance situation. It will take you from the crowded dance floor with basic rhumba to the expansive ballroom at the Casa Loma Ballroom. The dances we generally begin with are Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba. If there is a dance you just have to learn, tell the instructor and we will do our best to incorporate it!

The classes are fun and we try to make it as easy and painless as possible for those of you who might be a bit reluctant, we promise!

(You do not need a partner for class but we do gender balance the class and frequently the students taking this class are not inclined to rotate partners so be prepared that you might end up dancing with the same person for the series if no one is changing partners and we have arranged a partner for you.)
When: Tuesdays from 7pm to 8pm
Instructors: Michael Wooten
Where: Convergence Dance & Body Center (location information)

Price: $101.00

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