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Why You Should Dance on Valentine’s Day

Every year it comes around and we frequently struggle to come up with something new to do or try that lets our Sweetheart know that what we feel for them is special.  Dancing is romantic, intimate and interesting and is a wonderful Valentine date.


Dancing together is the ultimate public display of affection and women love it. It makes us feel cherished. Imagine having dinner filled with conversation and laughter, then off to somewhere else for dancing and dessert.  Sounds like a dream date to me!  It is an evening of intimacy that feeds the heart and the mind and strengthens your relationship.

Dancing together is a fun physical activity.  When we were children we went outside to play.  As adults we have to find new playgrounds and a dance club with great ambiance is one of the best.  A night of dancing is great exercise, great stress relief and wonderful way to be out doing something fun and energetic.  So, infuse your Valentines evening with FUN, excitement and energy.

Surprising your Valentine is a nice added bonus.  We love surprises and although flowers are great it is always nice to have a bit of the unexpected.  Show your sense of adventure and inventiveness by surprising your Sweetie with an impromptu dance class followed by a night of dancing and romancing.  Discover the sensuality of salsa, the temptation of tango or the beauty of ballroom.

You might find that a night of dancing together becomes a favored pastime, all sparked by a clever idea on Valentine’s day.  Check out your options for a night of dance in your city.  Local studios might offer an evening of tapas style classes, champagne and dancing.  If you already have some dance skills and are looking for something less structured perhaps a night at the local club would be in order.

Call ahead as most places fill up on Valentine’s day because it is a great date!

Written by Robert McKenney

Robert McKenney

Robert teaches dance in the St. Louis area. He is passionate about dance, body movement, Argentine Tango music, and rock climbing!