Floore Barre

What is Floor Barre?

Floor-Barre is a training technique that was developed by the dancer and dance-teacher Zena Rommett as an additional means to strengthen the body and enhance the working of ballet dancers. The name of the technique implies its essence, which takes the basic ballet barre training from the standing position to the floor, “taking the effort of standing out of the equation”. According to Rommett, the technique allows the trainees to enhance their precision and posture, making fixes that remain in their muscular memory and come evident as they go back to train in standing position. Rommett also claims that by training in this technique certain typical dancer injuries can be prevented.

How does it work?

Floor-Barre combines basic ballet technique with Yoga and Pilates to create a strengthening core centered class. Using only body weight in this mat based class you will lengthen and strengthen your muscles and improve the alignment of the body. Wear comfortable clothing, and be prepared to work barefoot in this class that is paced slow enough to allow you to turn your mind inwards and work muscles deeply and intelligently.  The teacher, Christine Kardell, will alternate classic Floor Barre work with stretching and working with fitness balls.  It is an amazing workout and a bit of a surprise as you are lying on a mat the entire time!

Christine’s classes are currently suspended and will resume in January of 2015.  The class is $15pp to drop in or $50 for 4 classes. Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you in the future or maybe earlier in one of our dance classes!

* Please bring a mat if you have one.  Dress comfortably in loose clothes or yoga pants, no shoes are needed.