There are so many questions that people ask about our events and classes that we thought a page of some of the most common ones might be helpful!
If we have left some out let us know so we can add them to the list.

Q: Do I need to have a partner?

A: No, unless it is specifically stated you do not need a partner as we change partners frequently in class.

Q: If I come with a partner can we stay together?
Of course! If you would like to stay together than just tell the teacher at the beginning of class and the others will know to pass you when we rotate partners.

Q: If I find a partner in class that I like to dance with can we stay together?
A: If it is another person who registered for the class independently and you hit it off it is ok with us if you decide to stay together if it is ok with two of you.  If it is one of our ANGELS then although we understand wanting to stick with them (that is why they are angels) they are there to assist with all the students in the class and will have to stay in the rotation.

Q: Where are you located?
Convergence Dance and Body Center is located at 8044 Manchester Rd (SW of Manchester & Hanley).

Q: Do you have one on one lessons available?
We do offer private one on one lessons in addition to private group classes that can be scheduled at you convenience Monday through Saturday. Contact Roxanne at 314-324-0887 to schedule a lesson with the teacher of your choice. Cost of private lessons is the same for a single or a couple but prices can vary from teacher to teacher.

Q: Do we get a private room for our private lesson?
 We do not guarentee a private room for your private one on one lesson but you do get a private room for a private group lesson.  However, we do promise not to make you learn to salsa to waltz music in your one on one lesson.  We put private lessons together only when they are working on the same dances.  That being said wedding couple do get their own room as they usually have their song which will not work for anyone else. 

Q: Which is the easiest dance to learn?
A: To this there is only one answer…it depends! Some people find salsa easy and swing difficult and others find it the opposite. I believe it comes down to what feels most natural to your body. The only way to find out is to try it.

Q: Which dance should I try first?
I would listen to the music if there is a style you really love that might be one way to choose. Or perhaps you have an idea about a dance that piques your interest…go for it!

Q: What should I do if I am just not understanding the material in class?
 Take a private lesson.  At least 80% of the time a private lesson can pave the way for a much smoother class experience.  Sometimes it is a simple detail that just gets missed and then you feel like you are struggling when it can be easily cleared up.  Please feel free to talk to us about your experience in class.  We really want you to get it and love it like we do!

Q: Do you have wedding dance packages for a couples first dance?
 We do have several package options for a couples first dance.  Please call the studio and we can discuss our different packages with varying degrees of choreography with you.  FYI:  The more choreography, the more time and expense.

Q: If I have gone to the Salsa / Tango nightclub and taken a couple of the free lessons can I skip the basic class?
We are happy to give you a dance evaluation to place you in the proper class.  However, do not be in such a hurry to be in an advanced class. If you do not really understand the basic structure, rhythm and feel of the dance you are wanting to learn, you will not have fun dancing and unfortunately neither will your partners.  Take a basic course.  It is only 8 weeks and it will clear up so many things for you.  If we see that you belong in a higher level class we will happily bump you up or find ways to stimulate your dancing experience with variations and more intermediate options.  Always feel free to talk to us about your class goals as well as experiences!

Q: What is the difference between Argentine tango and ballroom tango?
Argentine tango and ballroom tango are completely different dances. Not only do they differ in technique and look, but the music and the way that they are taught is very different. While ballroom tango is taught in a very structured way with specific step patterns to memorize, Argentine tango is more like a complex slow dance. It is completely improvised and the main emphasis in the beginning is leading and following using a more improvisational format as its structure.

Both forms can be highly stylized and dramatic but Argentine tango is more dramatic in a sensual and passionate way whereas the ballroom tends be dramatic in a more violent and antagonistic way.

Q: What kind of clothes should I wear?
While you can dance in anything, in class I would suggest loose fitting clothing that does not restrict your movement. At a more formal dance it is fun to dance in a skirt and heels but just make sure it is a skirt that does not prohibit taking a large back or side step.

Q: Do I need special shoes?
We do bring back special shoes from Argentina once a year which we make available to our students for purchase but if you follow the advice in the answer below you will not need to spend extra money to buy shoes for class.

Q: What type of shoes should I wear?
Something with a smooth sole. There is nothing worse than trying to turn and your feet sticking to the floor! guys: no tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes. A dress shoe with a hard leather sole works best. Some people put duck tape on the bottom of their tennis shoes and that can work but than they become you dance class shoes!
NO Flip Flops
ladies: no tennis shoes (unless you do the duck tape thing…see above in guys notes) no sling backs or mules. You think they will stay on your feet but once you start dancing this will just not be the case. Leather soled heels or flats are great. NO Flip Flops

Q: What is the best way to become a better dancer?
Try to keep these general principles in mind …
1) Practice both with a partner and by yourself using exercises to improve your balance and ability to pivot while maintaining your balance. Independent practice is just as important as practicing with a partner.
2) Dance as much as you can with as many partners as possible.
3) Take class from good teachers who inspire you, expect the best of you but who still let you have a little fun 🙂
4) Seek feedback about your dancing (it is easier to to take than a refusal when asking another to dance) .
5) Remember your goal is to become a good dancer. This does not mean you have to look like a carbon copy of your teacher or other good dancers in your community. Find a style that works for you and on you.
6) Do not forget you thought this would be fun…let it stay fun and do not be too hard on yourself.
7) If you are taking as a couple remember to be gentle with each others feelings. Let the teacher teach and concentrate on your own part instead of “helping” your partner. It very rarely helps either one of you and often causes resentment which kills all possible future dancing fun.

Q: I am just a beginner, will the better dancers dance with me?
Most better dancers will dance occasionally with beginners. It depends on many things…if they have been gone a while and they are catching up with their dancing friends they might only dance with their friends. Someone may take a personal interest in you and you might find yourself dancing all the time. Most importantly you can not forget that it is a social dance scene and there are many variables. It is always a good idea to come earlier in the night as a beginner because you are most likely to get more dances with the better dancers earlier in the evening. The other thing is to talk to some people from class and come together and dance together. If you stick with it you will all eventually be the better dancers in the community and with any luck, you will also dance occasionally with the beginners.

Q: Is it ok for a girl to ask a guy to dance?
It depends on the guy. Some guys love to be asked! Some guys hate it. I know that as a leader I like to match the music and the partner together so I would prefer to do the asking. But generally I would say it is safe to ask a guy once (which lets him know you are interested in dancing) but then to let him ask you the next time. If he never asks…well no worries keep on practicing he will some day! And most importantly remember that everyone has the right to refuse a dance for any reason and that we have to take a yes and a no with equal grace.

Q: If I miss a class can I get a refund or make it up in some way?
In the case of refunds: If you take your first class and find it not to your liking or what you were looking for, either tell us at the end of class or contact us the next day and we will refund you promptly minus a single class charge. This is the only time a refund will be issued. Contact us by calling 314-324-0887 or through Roxanne on the contact us page.

B: In the case of make up lessons: If there is another class at your level in the same style (or 1 below) you may do a makeup in that class as long as you take it at any time during the session/time frame that you are enrolled in. So for example if you are registered for February Salsa 1 than you must make up missed classes in February at another salsa 1 class. If you were registered for salsa 2 than you can make up missed classes in February salsa 1 or 2 classes (perhaps week 4 of the salsa 1 class if there is only 1 salsa 2 class being offered that month). Please contact the studio manager, Roxanne, to make arrangements. If there are no classes available for you to do a make up than there will be no compensation so please take that into consideration when registering for class.

C: If you register for a class and do not show or call after week 1 we will not refund or credit your class. If you call us promptly because you are unable to make a class you registered we would be delighted to either refund you or credit you for the class.