Q: Do we get a private room for our private lesson?

A: We do not guarantee a private room for your private one on one lesson but you do get a
private room for a private group lesson. However, we do promise not to make you share music
with more than one other couple in your one on one lesson. We try to put private lessons
together when they are working on the same dances or only having to share with one other
person. We do have some private rooms available where you do not have to share. The
exception: Wedding couples do get their own room as they usually have their song which will
not work for anyone else but it is generally one of the smaller rooms.

Q: Do I need special shoes?

A: We do stock very nice and inexpensive dance shoes that will make it much nicer for you (and
her feet) as they are lighter and more flexible. We also bring back special shoes from Argentina
once a year which we make available to our students for purchase but if you follow the advice in
the answer below you will not need to spend extra money to buy shoes for class.

Q: If I find a partner in class that I like to dance with can we stay together?

A: If it is another person who registered for the class independently then we generally encourage
you to rotate as it betters you skills as a social dancer. If it is one of our ANGELS then although
we understand wanting to stick with them (that is why they are angels) they are there to assist
with all the students in the class and will have to stay in the rotation. If you choose to not rotate
then if your partner misses class you will also have to miss class.

Q: If I come with a partner can we stay together?

A: Of course! If you would like to stay together than just tell the teacher at the beginning of class
and the others will know to pass you when we rotate partners. However, if you choose to not
rotate then if your partner has to miss class you will also have to miss class.