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The developer Green Street Real Estate Ventures assisted by the City of Brentwood, MO intend to purchase all the properties along a 3/4-mile commercial stretch of Manchester Road for a $400 million redevelopment project by negotiation and if that does not work, the use of eminent domain. We feel this is a gross misuse of the law and a classic example of the wealthy taking a now desirable plot of land from local businesses. This is the classic question of, “Can you fight City Hall?”

This raises many concerns to our business community.  This commercial area has a history of long-standing family-owned businesses who either own the buildings and the businesses, or who just own the businesses but have leases that have never been in default in any way. 

Some of the businesses have invested their life savings in their businesses. Some of the business owners,while being only tenants, have the legal rights to purchase the properties at a specified time during their leases affirming the American Dream.  Should they not have the right to do so?  We all add good things to our community, whetherit be contributing to the residents hobbies, education, health, beauty, or entertainment.  We want to be part of Brentwood’s future, not it's past. We are relevant and thriving businesses that have grown steadily since conception in spite of the prevailing circumstances of the past 3 years.

Several of these businesses have been around for 30 plus years. These family businesses have stayed solvent through multiple floods (as these properties were in a flood zone), the COVID-19 Pandemic and two years of road construction that severely impacted them.

Now the City of Brentwood, having blighted and rezoned these 40+ acres along the Manchester Rd Corridor without directly notifying the land owners, intends to allow a redevelopment company to purchase all the property recently protected from flooding by extensive levy work.  This land would be redeveloped with apartment complexes, other businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This company would own and manage all these properties and make a fortune, including tax abatement and a local tax going directly to the company. 

Our businesses and employees will be displaced and perhaps losing our livelihoods.  If we are even able to stay in the neighborhood as tenants, the rent is sure to increase past what we can afford.  Any rent assistance provided by Green Street would certainly be temporary and would not provide any long-term security for us.

The neighborhood would have an immediate influx of 500 plus apartments and town homes, several large mixed use office buildings, a multi-story hotel among other things in an area that is quiet in the evening while still being central to everything.  The Brentwood Bound Project in conjunction with MoDOT is extending the Great Rivers Green way, mitigating the flooding issues of Deer Creek, and installing a $7 million destination playground that will be amazing. 

While this will of course add a lot of tax revenue (eventually) to the city, it is a gross misuse of eminent domain law to pressure businesses and landowners to sell or leave the remaining land for redevelopment by an outside company. It is, in fact, against Missouri law to use eminent domain to allow a commercial developer to replace another commercial business purely for financial gain. The City of Brentwood got around this law by blighting the entire area. The developer has already stated that they will not take on the $400 million redevelopment project without eminent domain being on the table. 

Besides the loss of local businesses, the traffic in an already highly congested area, noise, light and air pollution will change the face of the neighborhood forever and will destroy the charm integral to, and cherished by,the Brentwood community.  The crime from the population boom will be unwelcome to the residents, and the school system will be strained in a time where qualified teachers are very difficult to come by.

These businesses and residents were looking forward to the redevelopment,they just did not realize that loyal business owners and citizens would be displaced in the process.  Help us get to get the City of Brentwood, MO to reconsider their stance on this style of redevelopment.  

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Roxanne & Carter Maier

For Bonus Points: Attend the vote for the master developer. Monday, September 19th at City Hall at 7pm

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