Beginning Tango: Ochos

July 1st - August 19th

Mondays @ 7:00pm

Instructors: Robert & Liz

Our beginning series classes are all the basics (plus some of the fun and fancy) broken up into three parts. Starting with this class or the Turns series is ideal. This section starts with developing clear and concise leads and follows, your tango walk, amagues, and ochos (simple pivots). Then we play with the ideas of Barridas (drags), Paradas (stops), and pivoting and balancing techniques.  Come get tangled up with us!

  • It is inadvisable to start in Beginning Tango: Crossed System. The Molinetas, and Ochos are much easier and the movements more recognizable. The three classes combine and help develop a strong foundation where you can choose your path of intermediate skills.

Price: $135.00

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