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Stay fit and have fun this summer

RollerbladingFor some, working out is a way of life. Most people who regularly work out say they couldn’t imagine their lives any other way. For others, staying in shape is merely a phase or driven by desire to look good on the beach in the summer. If you’re the type that likes to stay active but who tends to avoid workout sessions, you can try switching it up with uniquely entertaining summer activities that burn calories.

Instead of hitting the gym or completely changing your diet, simply burn calories and vary your intake. The workout activities suggested below are ideal for a 150- to 165-pound woman working out for about half an hour.

Skip the Gym

If you normally use a stair climber, for example, consider changing it up to an outdoor venue using a large staircase. Walking and powerwalking through large malls and shopping centers is perfect for this, plus hiking a nice trail or even mountain climbing provide a great change of scenery that can you’re your workout both fun and efficient.

Outdoor Sports

Get the friends together for some outdoor activities. Beach volleyball, softball and football are all perfect ways to boost your spirits and heart rate! Even a lively game of Frisbee or badminton is a great way to spend time with family and friends and burn calories, too.

Gardening and Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, housework and gardening burn many calories. The slow, consistent moving, paired with moderately heavy lifting, makes for the perfect workout. Whether cleaning or planting, you’re getting rid of more than just dust and bare gardens.

Light Bicycling and Swimming

Low-impact biking for longer intervals is a great way to tone the quads and hamstrings. You can also stay cool and work out some of those same muscles by splashing around in the pool or by swimming at the beach. Plus, these are both excellent aerobic activities to get the blood pumping.

Rollerblading/Inline Skating

Bust out the roller blades and don’t worry about all the jokes you’ll hear about how it’s not 1995 anymore. It’s rollerblading – it’s healthy and it’s fun.

To achieve the best results, pair this plan with a healthy, clean diet. You can get started with this 7-day Clean Eating Challenge.

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