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How Important is Your First Dance as Man and Wife?

first danceOne of the most treasured traditions of a wedding is the couple’s first dance as man and wife. Brides and grooms spend many hours choosing the perfect song that reflects their unique relationship. The song chosen is always remembered and cherished by the couple and their guests.

This is why the couple’s first dance together as a union is so important. Your children and grandchildren will know that every time they hear a certain song it represents your love and is now a part of family history. Just remember that choosing the song should be a fun time for both of you. Too many couples become stressed out by the process.

There are many couples that take formal wedding dance lessons so that they can feel more comfortable dancing and possibly even do something exciting and unique instead of the slow dance most frequently done at social occasions.  There are even families and friends that do classes together so the entire wedding party can do something fun and memorable.first dance

It is popular today to choose fun dance songs for the couple’s first dance together. If a fun, cool dance song fits your personalities and the theme of your wedding, then making light of the first dance could be truly a memorable experience. However, make sure that you both agree on the theme and tone of the song, because you want it to make you smile every time you hear it on the radio.  There is also the wedding video to consider that will live on forever.

Though this traditional part of a wedding ceremony and reception is important for both bride and groom, make sure that you can relax and enjoy the moment. By the time the first dance comes around, the most stressful parts of the wedding are over.

The first dance should be your opportunity to exhale and bond with your spouse. So, though you truly want the song and the dance to be a significant and memorable part of your special day, make sure that you balance your wedding dance plans in a way that will not add any additional stress to your special day.   In fact, the wedding dance should be a place to let all of that go and just have a great time together.

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