St. Louis Dance Studio

Convergence Dance and Body Center

Convergence Dance and Body Center was formed by Roxanne and Carter Maier and has been

operating in the St. Louis area since 2005. Roxanne has taught social and competitive dance for

over 30 years while Carter has been involved in the physical fitness and nutrition industry for

over 25 years. Their goal was, and continues to be, to provide people with a place for different

forms of body movement, to improve or maintain good health, andes  to have a little fun while

doing it – all in one location!


DANCE – If you’re looking to dance for enjoyment, exercise, or are just looking for new

adventures, we have the right class for you. Two left feet? No worries. We can help you find the

right one. Our dance studio has regular progressive classes in Salsa, Mixed Latin, Argentine

Tango, Wedding Dance, Ballroom, and Swing. For those wishing to take their dancing to the

next level, our extensively trained staff also teaches competition style ballroom and Latin dance.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting out, looking for group classes or private

instruction, wanting to ‘Dance With The Stars’ or just at your next party or wedding reception,

Convergence Dance and Body Center is your premier dance resource. Call our studio to start dancing today!


GYROTONIC ® – The GYROTONIC ® Method is a unique exercise approach that uses

specialized equipment allowing movement with both support and resistance. Exercise sequences

combining key principles from other body movement forms emphasize continuous, flowing

movements and are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns. Consistent participation

in this method of exercise has many proven benefits ranging from increased strength and

mobility to rehabilitation of injuries and many more. For either private or semi-private

instruction, call Roxanne to discuss what the GYROTONIC ® Method can do

for you!


CHIROPRACTIC – Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) are a regulated health care profession

specializing in the neuromusculoskeletal system and are concerned with how the body’s nerves,

muscles and joints function as a whole. They focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of

mechanical disorders of the body and are specialists in using manipulations of the joints to

improve range of motion and flexibility, to reduce pain, and to restore proper function. Many

Doctors of Chiropractic also utilize other soft tissue techniques, stretching or strengthening

regimens to achieve the goals of each individual. Some insurance plans are accepted, so call 314-

707-9854 to schedule a free telephone consultation and find out if Dr. Maier can help you!


GIFT CERTIFICATES are a perennial favorite for both the giver and the recipient, and

Convergence offers personalized certificates in any amount and to suit any occasion.

Introductory and special offers are always available, so call us at 314-324- 0887 and let us assist

you in selecting the right package for your needs.