What to expect on your first visit

Like any other health care provider, we have a new patient packet that needs to be filled out and brought with you. It’s fairly standard and takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. Not only does the law require this, but it really does help the doctor evaluate the big picture rather than just one isolated piece of the puzzle.  Download the New Patient Packet here.

Once in the office, you will be greeted by the doctor himself and brought into the exam room. Here, the doctor will quickly review your packet and ask you to clarify or expand on any areas that he feels are pertinent at that time. The consultation will continue with you explaining in detail the problem or reason for your visit. Some important details include origin of complaint, length of time of complaint, what makes it better and what makes it worse, and any therapies or medications you may have taken to help alleviate the problem.

An exam will be performed to gather further information. This exam may include physical signs (blood pressure, temperature, physical appearance), posture evaluation (physical alignment from head to toe), as well as orthopedic tests (pulling, poking and general prodding) in an effort to isolate the problem.

In most cases, a preliminary diagnosis will be given, and a treatment plan outlined at the end of this consultation. There are cases, however, that require diagnostic imaging or further testing to be obtained either to confirm or to rule out suspected conditions. If a trial of care is recommended, treatment usually can begin that same day.

Patient education and ease of mind is of utmost importance to our clientele. To that end, we encourage questions and requests for further explanation at anytime during this process. Treatment options are outlined and discussed, and pressure tactics are never used.

Chiropractic care is, by nature, a hands-on approach to health. This often requires “up close and personal” evaluations and treatments. You may rest assured that at Convergence, each individual patient is treated with respect, dignity and professionalism. And as always, privacy is guaranteed.

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