“Be the dancer of your dreams.”

Mind, body, and spirit

The human body is wonderfully complex. Dance integrates the body, mind and spirit for a lifetime of health and fun. At Convergence, we strive to inspire confidence in dance for a healthier you. We can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

Convergence Dance was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating an individualized approach for people learning dance. From class offerings to setting to the type of teaching methods used, the studio focuses on your goals to help you find the class where you will feel most comfortable, have the most fun, and are best set up to achieve those goals.

We do this through listening to our clients from the first conversation to understand how you will feel most at home in your learning process, whether that be through private lessons, group lessons or a combination of the two. Of course, along the way, our goal is to help you improve your coordination, balance, stability, and level of comfort with moving your body, as well as to provide you with a community in which you can make new friends with diverse people from all walks of life.

Our teachers are the people who make this happen: each of them are former or current competitive ballroom dancers who have lived in the world of ballroom dance as both dancers and teachers for the majority of their lives.

Often, dancers find that the first dance is the most difficult to learn; we hope that instead of it feeling like hard work, you have a great time and can’t wait to come back for the second (and third and fourth) dances. Whether you’re looking for a place to social dance or an avenue into competitive dancing, we hope our studio provides you with a place to connect with other people and cultures that may not be your own, helping you grow into the dancer you’ve always wanted to become.

Roxanne Maier

Roxanne Maier is an accomplished coach, choreographer and certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® instructor. Through her experiences as a former professional competitive ballroom and Latin dancer, choreographer, business owner and movement educator, she has comprehensive pedagogical knowledge of Ballroom and Latin dance as well as deep understanding of classical dance. Her knowledge of how two bodies work in tandem also translates well to how one works with Gyrotonic equipment. Roxanne is a certified Gyrotonic Level 1 trainer, Level 2 trainer and certified Gyrokinesis instructor. Ms. Maier owns and operates her own dance studio and Gyrotonic exercise studio with her chiropractor husband in St. Louis. When not moving in the studio she loves to read, play with her pony sized dogs and be creative in the kitchen.

Robert McKenney

Robert McKenney started dancing competitive ballroom at the age of 10 with his mother, Roxanne Maier. After a brief hiatus, he returned to casual social dancing at the age of 14 by dancing Salsa rueda de casino and never looked back. Trips to Argentina to study with masters, competing with students in ballroom, or just teaching people how to improvise and have fun in their local dance community became his passion. He loves sharing the joy of movement and music with people no matter what their goals. He believes dance is a tool to connect to music, ourselves, and one another in a unique way. Robert dances professional Latin with his partner, Hanna Pierce. He has travelled extensively over the last decade to Argentina to study with top teachers like Luciana Valle, Pablo Inza, Gustavo Naveira, and Giselle Anne. He regularly trains with top coaches in ballroom, such as Igor Pilipenchuk, Kimberly Mitchell, and Marton Cawson. He aspires to share his joy of the connection, puzzle, and music of dance with everyone he meets.

Oritza Nodar Rodriguez

Oritza has danced all of her life and very lucky for us, has danced her way to Saint Louis and Convergence! She is from Cuba and has just recently immigrated to St Louis. Having been classically trained in Ballet, Modern and Folkloric dance, Oritza has a profound understanding of how the body is capable of moving. She danced for 6 years at the Tropicana Club in Havana Cuba, and has taught and performed in China as well as in Russia. She is super friendly and excited to be working with students in all styles of dance.

Deepika Gomes

Deepika found her love of dance on the social dance floor with salsa and bachata, and there was no stopping that adventure from there. She went on to train and compete in Ballroom Competitions (in India and the U.S.) and finds immense joy in sharing her art, be it with performances or education. She has taught various dance styles over the last 5 years, that include Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Swing. She endeavors to find joy in movement, and connection, and seeks to share her passion with all those she meets. Deepika is an architect by profession, enjoys acro-yoga, and loves spending time with her two gorgeous cats – Professor Mewriarty and Ser Jaime Lannispurr.

Liz Schwarzkopf

Liz Schwarzkopf started dancing at the age of 5, beginning with ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. She got hooked on Lindy hop in college at Creighton University where she danced with the Omaha Jitterbugs. It was there that she fell in love with the music and was inspired to learn other social swing and blues styles. She later danced with Cyclone Ballroom at Iowa State and learned Argentine tango, salsa, and various ballroom dances, as well. She has also competed and performed with the STL Live Wires. Liz has studied and trained in the art of tango for the last 6 years and has studied with many of the master teachers and dancers of this generations. She has participated in tango intensives in Argentina and is a beautifully expressive dancer. Liz has since become fluent in all of todays most populars social dance forms and is a great teacher. She loves helping others move confidently and rhythmically and enjoys spreading the joy of dance. When not dancing, Liz works as a scientist at a biotech startup and can be found baking, knitting, playing with her dogs, and climbing beautiful rocks.

Garth Haubner

Garth has over a decade of teaching experience and really enjoys helping his students find their way on the dance floor. He loves seeing the lights come on and enjoys making dance accessible to everyone. This is the main reason he does it…for that spark and that moment! Some of his favorite forms of dance are swing, hustle & Country Western but loves them all including ballroom and Latin dancing. All of his students really have fun during their lessons as he makes it fun and easy for them to attain their goals. He has taught at Arthur Murrays, other independent studios and now fortunately he has joined our crew at Convergence Dance! Whether you are getting ready for that first dance or just wanting to boogie, Garth is your man! Outside of dancing and teaching, he enjoys spending time with his Great Dane, Axel … they are both so handsome!

Carter Maier, DC, MSN

Carter Maier has been dancing various forms of ballroom and social dancing since 1996. He discovered Argentine Tango in 1997 and has since traveled to Argentina numerous times to study with the old masters as well as today’s rising stars. He is active in the St Louis tango community, dancing and DJing for milongas and enjoys introducing this wonderful dance to others. As a chiropractic physician and having more than 30 years of experience in the exercise, health and wellness industry, he works with the APDA to help those afflicted with Parkinson move better and have fun. Dr. Carter Maier is a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, holds a Master’s Degree in the Science of Clinical Nutrition, and is a certified Internal Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition. He has studied the human body and nutrition for over 30 years and has enjoyed a lifelong participation in athletics and physical fitness. Dr.Maier uses various techniques and styles of care including Diversified, LoganBasic, Activator, FAKTR, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Thompson, decompression, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic ultrasound. As a chiropractic physician, he understands the body and how it is supposed to move. He wholeheartedly embraces the chiropractic philosophy that in order for the body to function properly, it must move properly.