Dance & event calendar

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Institute for Justice Championing Local Businesses

Quick video exposing Brentwood's plans to take over the Manchester road corridor at the expense of local businesses and what we plan to do about it!

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Services Offered

At Convergence Body Center, our approach is not a “one size fits all.” While many conditions are similar, each person’s body is unique and requires an individual approach. For that reason, we offer a variety of techniques, services, and therapies.

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What to expect on your first visit

If you have never been to a chiropractor, your first visit can be a little intimidating. Even "experienced" chiropractic patients may be apprehensive about seeing a new doctor, and questions abound before you even set foot into the office. Here is a quick explanation of what you can anticipate during your first visit to Convergence Chiropractic Clinic.

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Trip to Argentina planned for 2023

Our annual tango intensive to Buenos Aires in 2020 was cancelled due to current conditions and health concerns. We are, however, planning our trip to Buenos Aires in 2023 for either March or September depending on what happens in the next few months both here in the United States and in Argentina. Our dancers are restless and missing the dancing that has become as necessary to them as breathing. Tango allows us to really connect with other people and to share the love of dance and music, creating a beautiful physical and audible harmony.

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El Tercero misses its 5th anniversary party due to Covid shutdown

It was with heavy hearts that promoters of the event had to cancel their 5 year anniversary party in March due to Covid. Convergence Dance and Flacos Productions have been hosting this monthly event for over 5 years. It is wildly popular as the venue is wonderful with a great dance floor, dedicated promoters and Sergio Barranco, St Louis's finest Latin DJ. There are people who had quit social dancing but came back to dance to this salsa social because it was so much fun with a touch of "Old School" with its attendees. One of the participants said, "The dancing is amazing, and there are so many good dancers it is really inspiring!"

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Dancing for your health

"If I had a nickel for every time someone left the studio saying how much better they felt than when they arrived, I would be a rich woman," says co-owner Roxanne. The body is looser with more energy and the mind is somehow clearer. It is such a great way to relieve stress and to strengthen your relationship as a couple. Working through how to communicate and to harmonize with a partner, although occasionally challenging, is so rewarding and has direct applications to other scenarios in our lives. Get that heart rate up, sweat a little and laugh a lot! Learn not to sweat the small stuff. If you get tangled up, tango on. These are golden nuggets that just add to the benefits of learning to dance and dancing for your health.

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Fun wedding choreography shows your personality. Here is how.

Wedding Choreography

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