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The Gyrotonic method is an original and unique exercise method that addresses the entire body, easing the joints, increasing range of motion and energy levels.  Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic exercise will work with your body's natural shape to restore your posture and help to create amazing inner strength.  Whether you choose to use it to rehab an injury or complement to your current exercise regimen it will be effective and feels amazing.  If you are goal specific and would like it to improve your golf or tennis swing, or just want to be able to stand up straight pain free, this is an amazing method that will improve the way you move and look.


Gyrotonic exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetition. Each movement flows into the next allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully-crafted sequences create balance, efficiency, strength, and flexibility.  Being able to lunge without knee pain or fully stretch pain free is both possible and feels amazing!

For everyone

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes are adapted to fit anyone’s ability from those recovering from injury to  avid skiers/snowboarders and elite athletes.  It can also keep you injury free during shoveling and gardening season!  We have worked with young dancers, work from home computer programmers, and some amazing older clients who just do not want to compromise their lifestyles to fit being “older.” What can you say?  Those golf and tennis players are hard core!


The body is naturally designed to work as one harmonious system, to follow arching and spiraling paths of motion and to transition from one movement to the next smoothly and efficiently. The specialized line of Gyrotonic equipment supports these natural movement patterns. Sophisticated adjustments allow Gyrotonic trainers to adapt the equipment to the ideal setting for each person’s unique physique, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length, natural range of motion and physical ability.


As a younger person, weightlifting without proper stretching resulted in chronic inflexibility and constant low back pain today. Doctor's solutions were shots and surgery. Learning and practicing Gyrotonic and timely chiropractic adjustments have helped me achieve a much improved level of flexibility and more importantly, has totally relieve me of nagging back pain.
R.S. High Ridge
I have been doing Gyrotonic with Roxanne for about a year and have been very happy with the process. Roxanne is quite knowledgeable and accommodating and will custom tailor your program to your needs and wants. She provides variety so that you aren’t doing the exact same program every visit. I would recommend her to anyone interested in trying Gyrotonic.
A.F. Kirkwood
“I started to take Gyrotonic classes with Roxanne last year and I am absolutely in love with it. This training has changed how my body is moving. I was used to have back and neck pain everyday, but as a result of this training, I am now pain free. It is a miracle. We moved online and to Gyrokinesis in March. It was and is a health safe for me during the lock down. Roxanne teaches me all the exercises and movements with clear instructions. She corrects my movements also in the virtual classes, therefore I am sure to do the exercises in the most effective way. She is especially good in picking exercises that help me improving my personal weak spots such as my neck, my very tense hamstrings, and my foot with plantar fascistic. I can just highly recommend her virtual classes as well as the in house classes. If you have regular back pain, you should give it a try!
A.S. St Louis

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