Competitive Dance & Performance Opportunities

Have you always wanted to get out there in the spotlight and shine? We love taking students to the next level of dance through Showcases and the wonderful world of Dancesport. We find that setting concrete goals through performing can really push your dance to the next level time and time again. We have decades of experience helping dancers achieve incredible goals.  What are you waiting for? See you on the dance floor!


We came here because we didn't know anything about any salsa classes or studios. In hindsight, we got so lucky we ended up here. What we thought would be just Salsa 1 ended up as Salsa 2A and Salsa 2B, then Bachata. We are hooked because these folks make dancing fun and easy for anyone. Super unfortunate but I ended up busting my knee and went to Carter, the Chiropractor, for therapy. So glad he was there because I'm back to my old self again.
M.S. Dog Town
Convergence is by far the best dance studio I've ever been to! I have been going for about three years now and I still learn so many new things each week! There are a wide array of classes, of which I have taken salsa and tango (both spectacular). Every instructor is helpful and extremely knowledgeable about every dance style taught there! The classes also range from beginner level to advanced, so there is something for everyone! I highly recommend this studio for anyone looking to learn new dances and also for more experienced dancers who want to learn even more!
K.P. St Louis
I'm not sure I've ever actually expressed to you what a big deal it is for me to now feel comfortable at a social dance. I was almost pathologically shy as a teenager and not knowing how to dance, or how to ask for a dance without being gleefully rejected, was one of the ongoing themes of my youth. This past year it has been *profoundly* gratifying to put some of those old ghosts to rest, and have a hell of a good time in the process. Thanks. I mean it.
B. C. Cape Girardeau

West Coast Swing - Series 201

Roxanne Maier
April 16th to June 4th - Tuesdays at 7:30pm (8 weeks)
Beginner - No partner required but we do lead/follow balance classes. So, singles are recommended to pre-register early and are accepted in the order received.
Convergence Dance and Body Cenetr

West Coast Swing is predominately danced to pop, R&B and some blues. It is fun, creative and can be danced everywhere! This class is designed to continue to lay the groundwork for people to be able to dance a basic West Coast Swing dance with a bit more spice to popular music at a club or wedding. You do not need a partner but you should have taken West Coast Swing 101 / Novice West Coast Swing before registering for this class. We do lead follow balance the class so single registrants, please register early so we can organize that.

$ 135.00 USD
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Pay as you go private lessons - No partner required!

Private lesson: cost is the same for a single or couple. The lesson is 50 minutes. Please note that our teachers only get paid when you come to dance. To avoid being charged for canceling, please give us 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.

$ 85.00 USD
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