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Convergence Dance and Body Center has been preparing couples throughout the St Louis area for decades to perform wedding dance routines. We put together moves that are not only fun for them, but that will also surprise their guests with a 2016BOW_VendorProfile_Blue_500x500Wedding Dance Lessons in St. Louisunique, engaging and memorable dance. Every year we work with couples for their First Dance, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son, and occasionally a wedding party.

What makes us unique? Well … we teach you how to really dance in addition to your choreography. If you get distracted by her smile and make a mistake, you will know how to recover! There is no reason that the moves you learn for this special day can’t help you on the dance floor for the rest of your lives!

Ballroom Dance Lessons For Weddings in St. LouisOur teachers take everything into account when they come up with a partial or entire choreography for your wedding dance.

How much mobility do we have in the suit/dress?

How big is the dance floor?

What is/are your song(s)?

Room set-up? We want to make sure you get some great pictures!

All of your answers and the amount of time we have changes how we teach you for your big day! We want your dance to be super smooth with some snazzy photo opportunities!

Make time for the moonwalk? Check

Spin the girl? Check

Dip? Check!

We can’t wait to create a unique dance with you! Call us today to discuss pricing for your wedding dance lessons. Whether you have 2 weeks or an entire year, we have some great ideas to get you ready for your First Dance.

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Common classes that people take when preparing for their wedding dance include:

Swing FUNdamentals

Sept. 9th - Oct. 14th

Description: Ready for some fun?  Come learn some basic swing in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  This class will teach you solid basics and easy to understand principles to prepare you for most social dance occasions or to help you prepare for a more specialized form of swing. We will explore some of the popular styles of swing so you can choose the music and moves you like best.  It is all about individual expression and improvisation but you have to start with the basics, right?

These classes will focus on the fundamentals of partner dancing and begin with easy 6 and 8 count patterns to get you dancing and having fun right away.  The best part???? No partner required

When: Mondays from 6:00pm - 6:55pm

Instructor(s): Liz Schwarzkopf

Price: $101.00

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Intro to Ballroom

Sept 10th - Sept 15th


Description: No matter what reason you are learning for, this is the class for you! We do a sampling of 3 dances over 6 weeks.  These dances should get you smoothly through any social dance situation. It will take you from the crowded dance floor with basic rhumba to the expansive ballroom at the Casa Loma Ballroom. The dances we generally begin with are Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba. If there is a dance you just have to learn, tell the instructor and we will do our best to incorporate it!

The classes are fun and we try to make it as easy and painless as possible for those of you who might be a bit reluctant, we promise!

(You do not need a partner for class but we do gender balance the class and frequently the students taking this class are not inclined to rotate partners so be prepared that you might end up dancing with the same person for the series if no one is changing partners and we have arranged a partner for you.)
When: Tuesdays from 7pm to 8pm
Instructors: Roxanne Maier
Where: Convergence Dance & Body Center (location information)

Price: $101.00

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** The group class will be the dance of your choice but ideally would be the dance best suited for your choreography.

* We can also video the choreography so that practicing is easier and more fun!