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We are here to help you learn how to be comfortable on a dance floor and connect with your dance partner. The whole point of dancing with a partner is to be able to embrace and share the feeling and energy of the music. To do all of this you need a plan as a leader and a way to decipher that plan as a follower. It is an interesting and engaging experience where you meet fun, like-minded people.

It is a place to connect in a new way without being required to go through all of the social chatter (not that you can’t!). Just be in the moment. Enjoy the music and your partner.

We offer both group dance lessons and private dance lessons and feel that there is something to be gained from BOTH learning methods.

  • Private dance lessons are one-on-one instruction for an individual or couple. This is a fun and focused way to learn good technique at your preferred pace. The lesson is tailored to your learning style and speed and can include multiple dances. Dance dynamics and personal styles are highlighted so that you learn to dance well, but still look like yourself! The lessons are scheduled at your convenience and are quite flexible.


  • group dance lessons are also available in 4 to 8-week series normally focusing on one dance style. We uncover the base structure of the chosen dance and teach a variety of figures to help students learn the basics easily. In more advanced classes, we develop how to improvise patterns in creative and dynamic ways. We lead/follow balance the classes and rotate partners. Students taking solo are encouraged to register early to ensure getting in to the class.

Please give us a call +1 (314) 324-0887 to sign up for a class or to get more information.

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Studio is available outside core hours by appointment only. Call +1 (314) 324-0887 for more information.

Monday – Thursday 12pm – 9pm

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