Dance Classes

Latin Traditional Dance Lessons

We are here to help you learn how to not just be comfortable on a dance floor but to relax and connect with your dance partner. The whole point of dancing with a partner is to be able to embrace and share the feeling and energy of the music. To do all of this you need a plan as a leader and a way to decipher that plan as a follower. It is an interesting and engaging experience where you meet fun, like-minded people. Dance Classes St. Louis It is a place to connect in a new way without being required to go through all of the social chatter (not that you can’t!). Just be in the moment. Enjoy the music and your partner.

We offer both group dance lessons and private dance lessons and feel that there is something to be gained from BOTH learning methods. Private dance lessons are more expensive than group classes but are priced for up to two people where group classes are a flat rate and is a great way to get used to leading different bodies and different people. Private group classes can also be arranged. Please call the studio for details.

Private dance lessons are one on one instruction (or a couple and one teacher) and are a great way to learn at your preferred pace. Whether that is a lot of information quickly, or slow and steady … your teacher will go at a speed you are comfortable and inspired by. As your teacher is focused solely on you,
there is no time to develop bad habits as they are caught so quickly. The lesson is tailored to your learning style and speed and can include multiple dances. Dance dynamics and personal styles are highlighted so that you learn to dance well, but still look like yourself! The lessons are scheduled at your convenience and are quite flexible.

What makes our group class experience so different?

Group dance lessons are 4 to 8-week series that focus specifically on one dance style (there are some exceptions) and occur weekly at the same time for consecutive weeks. We progress from week to week with each class building on the previous one. We uncover the base structure of the dance style covered in the class and teach a variety of figures that help the students learn the basics easily. In more advanced classes, we work on how to begin to improvise patterns in creative and dynamic ways. We lead/follow balance the classes and change partners. Students taking solo are encouraged to register early to ensure getting in to the class.


Call and ask about private group dance lessons for you and your friends. We have taught countless 4week classes with small groups of friends and would be more than happy to set up a night of learning, music, and fun! Call for more details or any questions!